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Learn to Drum

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I started this website to inspire drummers and give them a place to visit when they want to enhance their musicianship and skills. All the information on the website is free. The content is for beginner, intermediate and professional drummers.  For additional instruction visit the Drum Shop. Here you will find information on products, other services and much more!

Please be patient as our website is currently under construction and developing each day.

Drum Basics

Your drumming skill development depends on your approach towards practicing. Their are many ways to practice before and for a performance. Self study which includes practicing rudiments, watching other musicians play, and listening to any genera of music and studying it. Self practice will help you, condition yourself with knowledge, stamina and precision.


Have Fun

Practice the genres of music in which you are interested in learning. Find an album of an artist in the particular genre you wish to learn and play to the album. Build your skill up slowly by identifying the basics of the genre and practicing them to a metronome. Watch live concerts of the artist/ genera and imitate what you see. A minimum of an hour should be spent a day practicing your craft.